Our Process

Delve into the Amelia Outdoors experience as we unveil our meticulous journey from concept to creation. Discover how passion, precision, and collaboration transform your outdoor dreams into tangible masterpieces

Designed for You

Amelia Outdoors Design and Build Process: Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space

Our design and build process at Amelia Outdoors is a meticulous journey, marked by collaboration and craftsmanship. Beginning with an in-depth initial consultation, we embrace your vision for the perfect outdoor space. Our commitment to quality is evident as we guide you through design and conceptualization, offering full conceptual plans and estimates, while addressing every detail of your project. With the design fee credited to your scope of work, our focus on quality over quantity ensures a personalized experience, with just around 50 projects annually. We bring over a decade of expertise and a dedication to our local Nassau County community to every project. If you seek an outdoor living experience like no other, we invite you to explore our process and bring your outdoor dreams to life.

Process Stages



  • The process begins with a comprehensive initial consultation, where we discuss your outdoor project’s scope and your specific needs.
  • We offer full turnkey design-build services that cover everything from pools and spas to kitchens, screens, additions, and landscaping.
  • Our design agreement, signed during this stage, secures your spot in our construction queue, demonstrating a commitment to the project.


Concept Design

  • In this phase, we differentiate ourselves by focusing on creating complete outdoor experiences and lifestyles.
  • Our design fee includes services like generating full conceptual plans, providing cost estimates, and collaborating closely with you on design aspects, material selections, and budgeting.
  • By meticulously planning every detail, we ensure that we’re aligned before advancing to engineering and permitting, streamlining the process.
  • Importantly, the design fee can be applied as credit toward the project’s overall cost if you choose us for construction.



  • After you’re satisfied with the design and all questions are addressed, we proceed to the contract signing phase.
  • Following contract signing, the timeline typically involves a 2-3 month period before we break ground, depending on the project’s specific details.
  • Quality is our priority, and we limit our projects to around 50 per year to ensure we provide personal attention to each client.
  • With over 12 years of experience and a strong local presence in Nassau County, we take pride in delivering high-quality, community-focused service.



  • We understand that our process may not suit every client’s needs or preferences.
  • We acknowledge the presence of other reputable companies with different approaches in the area.
  • If you have more questions or want to delve deeper into your project, we encourage you to visit our office and showroom.
  • We offer the opportunity for a personal, in-depth initial consultation to explore your project’s possibilities.