Rosies Garden

Rosies Garden boasts a luxurious pool, jacuzzi, firepit, outdoor kitchen, screened enclosure, and patio area, making it an idyllic space for memorable gatherings and quiet retreats.

Design Details

An Outdoor Oasis for Entertaining by Amelia Outdoors

Discover the epitome of outdoor luxury and entertainment with Rosie’s Garden, a breathtaking creation by Amelia Outdoors, the top outdoor living company in Nassau County. As passionate outdoor living experts with years of experience as outdoor contractors in FL, we crafted Rosie’s Garden as a testament to our commitment to quality outdoor design on Amelia Island.

Unveiling the Oasis Nestled within the serene landscapes of Amelia Island, Rosie’s Garden is an outdoor haven designed to enchant and inspire. This meticulously crafted space caters to the desires of modern homeowners seeking an exceptional blend of functionality, elegance, and relaxation.

Luxurious Features for Every Occasion With a sophisticated pool and jacuzzi, Rosie’s Garden offers a seamless transition from daytime refreshment to evening relaxation. The enchanting firepit becomes the heart of intimate gatherings, igniting conversations and warm memories. The outdoor kitchen, thoughtfully designed and executed by our experienced outdoor contractors, ensures that culinary delights are prepared and savored with the backdrop of nature.

Secluded Comfort, Uninterrupted Joy The screened enclosure allows you to revel in the great outdoors while remaining shielded from external elements. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or seeking a quiet moment of reflection, Rosie’s Garden provides a versatile environment where luxury and comfort coexist harmoniously.

Elevated Outdoor Living by Amelia Outdoors With every element of Rosie’s Garden meticulously crafted by our team of skilled artisans, we’ve created an outdoor oasis that stands as a testament to our quality outdoor design on Amelia Island. As passionate outdoor living experts, we understand the significance of creating spaces that resonate with your lifestyle. Rosie’s Garden embodies our commitment to elevating outdoor living to new heights, allowing you to entertain friends and family or find solace in the beauty of your own home.

Amelia Outdoors is more than a name; it’s a promise of excellence, integrity, and unwavering dedication to creating outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression. Rosie’s Garden is a true testament to our expertise as top outdoor living contractors in Nassau County. Welcome to a world where outdoor dreams come to life in the most remarkable way.